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Hitting Program

2022-23 Program Information

Session #1: November 1 - December 22

Session #2: January 3 - February 9
Session #3 (Middle School): February 21 - March 30

          - 30-45 minute small group instruction, plus 30 minutes or more of active implementation 


          - Non-HBA Members - $400 per session
          - HBA Members - $300 per session

Sports Performance Center by HBA 

NOTE: A strength and conditioning component is available for this program at an added cost. Those interested can be included in a lifting program alongside those who are in the Velocity and Arm Care program. Please contact Kris Regas or Kole Zimmerman for more information.

We will work to accommodate schedules to the best of our ability.

          - All sessions will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays.
          - Groups will begin at 5:30 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Program Overview
The focus of this program is to turn athletes into more productive and dynamic offensive players. It will incorporate elements of bat speed, barrel control, live hitting, and body movement. 

Every session will incorporate use of our HitTrax tool, giving players not only daily feedback, but also the ability to access and utilize the data collected. Following the program, players will receive the data to use for recruiting purposes or simply as reference.

A large focus of the program will be maximizing body sequencing and efficiency; however, all efforts to increase athletic movement will be done in the context of how it pertains to hitting. Various drills, exercises, and training tools will be included to improve energy output with weighted and under-loaded bats, forearm and grip strengthening, and weighted balls all being utilized. 

Overall, the main objective of the program is to get athletes to make contact with the barrel more often and with more energy. Offensive success is directly related to the regularity a player is able to make contact with the baseball on the barrel of the bat. Both Kris and Kole will be directing their efforts to this goal and will challenge the players not only through the various drills and batting practice, but also through simulated in-game at-bats and situations.

We look forward to seeing as many athletes as possible and creating a challenging and exciting program throughout the winter.