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Velocity and Arm Care Program

2023-24 Program Information

October 25, 2023 - February 2, 2024

      - Lifting (approx. 41 sessions)
     - Throwing (approx. 41 sessions)

-Non-HBA Members - $1,470 
     -HBA Members - $945

Sports Performance Center by HBA
     - Lifting (Weight Room)
     - Throwing (Turf)

 We will work to accommodate schedules to the best of our ability

  • Players will throw and lift every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • Groups will start every half hour beginning at 3:15

  • Sessions range from 2-3 hours each day

  • Number of groups/start times depends on number of participants


This program is designed to have as comprehensive of a training focus as possible. It is intended for all players (pitchers or not) and most age/skill levels. We will focus on activation, mobility, weight room technique, athletic strength/power/speed, rotational power, arm durability, throwing mechanics, and throwing velocity.  Additionally, we will provide intra-workout and post-workout drinks (Gatorade powder and chocolate milk), so be sure to bring a shaker bottle to each session. Most of our training methods will be similar to years past, as they have been successful in the development of the athletes.   

Although it is called the Velo/Arm Care Program, the ultimate goal is to create more explosive and well-rounded athletes which will translate into every aspect of baseball (as well as all other sports), with the added focus of improving throwing velocity and arm health. We will assess strength/power/speed/mobility and work to improve all of these characteristics in each athlete. These players will not only improve physically, but will learn the importance of creating and following a process to achieve a desired result.